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Spinach, Rocket, Kale

ecoLEAF vegetables are Australian grown and pesticide free

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Our Story

ecoLEAF™ vegetables are unlike any you have tried before…. Farmed using a state-of-the-art hydroponic method developed in Japan, they are grown locally and produced year round.
Learn more about the unique differences of the ecoLEAF™ range below.

No Pesticides. Happy Leaves

Our state of the art greenhouses eliminate the need for pesticides or chemical washing. This means our leaves are happy and healthier for you.

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Longer Life

ecoLEAF™ vegetables are living plants. We package them in sleeves with their roots attached allowing them to live longer and stay fresher.

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Good for the Earth

We grow all year round in our state-of-the-art greenhouses. This means less impact on our fields and more nutritious ecoLEAF™ for you to enjoy.

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Australian Grown- fresher produce

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Over 90% Less Water used

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Living Roots means longer life

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Pesticide Free- better for you

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Ideal for Young Tastebuds

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Perfect for salads and cooking

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Premium fresh produce

Our Produce

We produce superior tasting Rocket, Baby Spinach and Salad Kale each with unique taste characteristics which set them apart from other field or hydroponic varieties.

The advanced growing methods that produce ecoLEAF™ vegetables means that our leaves don’t have the bitterness or toughness generally associated with older salad leaf varieties. This quick growth results in a full size leaf while producing the tenderness and characteristics of younger or ‘baby’ leaves.

  • Young Taste-bud Approved

    When it comes to mealtimes, salad can be a tough sell to your children.

    The ultra-fresh, soft young leaves of the ecoLEAF™ produce range have no bitter aftertaste or toughness generally associated with older salad leaves or those that have been kept for extended periods in cold storage, making ecoLEAF™ vegetables ideal to introduce to younger taste-buds.

    For kid-friendly recipe ideas or mealtime inspiration, be sure to visit the recipe area on this site.

  • Superior Freshness and Flavour

    Our advanced growing methods produce full-grown crops in as little as 13 days. The quick growth results in a full size leaf that retains a tenderness that is characteristic of young or ‘baby’ leaves.

    One taste of the ecoLEAF™ vegetable range and you’ll experience a freshness that is sadly lacking in so much current day supermarket produce. It’s like you’ve just picked it from your own garden!

  • A vegetable garden in your fridge

    Fresher, tastier and more nutritious vegetables for you and your family… That’s what you can look forward to when you buy ecoLEAF™ vegetables. Unlike conventional leafy vegetables purchased in supermarkets, ecoLEAF™ still have the living roots attached, allowing them to stay fresh for twice as long.

    Simply cut the portion of ecoLEAF™ that you wish to eat from the root area, and leave the rest in your fridge for future mealtimes, safe in the knowledge that your ecoLEAF™ will still be fresh even 2 weeks after purchase.


Looking for some inspiration on what to make with your ecoLEAF™ vegetables? Here are some great ideas, from simple yet stunning salads to super healthy side dishes and satisfying main meals.

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