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ecoLEAF products not affected in recent salmonella outbreak

ecoLEAF products not affected in recent salmonella outbreak

The ecoLEAF™ range of leafy greens, including baby spinach, salad kale and rocket have not been affected in any way by the recent outbreak in Salmonella that has been reported in certain salad products on the market.

ecoLEAF™ is committed to providing safe, high quality products to the Australian and South-East Asian markets. Our company, KAITEKI Fresh Australia enforces strict quality control processes for every stage of our salad greens’ growth- from seedling germination, crop growth and harvesting, through to packaging and shipping. Our products are regularly tested for contaminants such as common bacteria, Coliform and E. Coli as an assurance of this quality and have been specifically tested for both Salmonella and Listeria in the wake of this recent outbreak.  Neither Salmonella nor Listeria were detected across our full range of products- baby Spinach, salad kale and rocket.

ecoLEAF™ produce is grown in a state-of-the-art greenhouse facility south-east of Melbourne. Our growing methods were developed by our parent company in Japan, producing leafy vegetables using over 90% less water normally used in modern irrigation and no chemical treatments or pesticides.

Unlike conventional produce, ecoLEAF™ leaves are still living when purchased. They are harvested with their roots attached and packaged in special sleeves that allow the products to breathe. ecoLEAF™ vegetables stay fresh twice as long as other advertised greens due to hydroponic cultivation without soil contact, absence of chemical washes and root remaining intact even after packing. The unique growing methods also result in produce that is safer and healthier than traditional varieties.

To locate our stockists, please refer to our website: www.ecoleaf.com.au  

For more information, please contact Kaiteki fresh Australia on (03) 9790 8973 or email info@kaitekifresh.com.au

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