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Give your Nutrition a Rocket Boost

Give your Nutrition a Rocket Boost

Like all dark green leafy vegetables, rocket is loaded with goodness. But just how does rocket help you stay on top of your nutritional game? Let’s take a look at five ways rocket is good for you.

1. Chlorophyll

The reason green leaves are green, Chlorophyll is a well-known blood cleanser, detoxifying the blood by oxygenating and alkalising it. Similar to blood-friendly Vitamin D, Chlorophyll could help increase energy levels by looking after the vital stuff running through your veins.

2. Vitamin C

We love anti-oxidants, and the Vitamin C in rocket helps boost your immunity, protects your cardiovascular system and helps defend your body against infection and damage from pesky free radicals.

3. Vitamin A

Another vital anti-oxidant, Vitamin A helps protect against a number of skin, lung and oral cancers, as well as aiding the health of teeth, bones and eyes.

4. Vitamin K

Important for bone health, Vitamin K helps keep them strong by helping the body absorb calcium, with improvements for those suffering from osteoporosis and preventative benefits to help keep it at bay. Vitamin K also helps slow down the degradation of neural pathways, found in conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Low-Calorie

Rocket is one of the lowest calorie vegetables, with 100g of fresh leaves only containing 25 calories and just 3.7g of carbs. Keep your nutrients high and your weight low by filling up on rocket.


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